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Our online business journal, MemberSHARE.iaedp.com, is inspired by the interaction and educational experiences gained during our unforgettable annual Symposiums. Get to know the iaedp membership in their own words, through their achievements, writings and ongoing activities. You can access archived iaedp Institute webinars, learn about different viewpoints and explore our global community of experts. Come join our family. Together we serve!


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Our iaedp members are on the move! Help us celebrate your special accomplishments.

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MemberSPOTLIGHT features articles written by iaedp members that share their expertise or research in the eating disorders field. Articles must be educational and informative and not previously published. You are helping us build a content bank within our membership and within the industry.

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Welcome to your iaedp photo gallery! Here, you will find photos of symposiums and other events happening around the country.

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