Imagine Me Beyond What You See Art Competition was created in 2010 and ended in 2020. For 10 amazing years it promoted a healthy awareness and acceptance of body images and was held in conjunction with the iaedp™ Annual Symposium. A multimedia art contest open to artists, treatment centers and private practices with art therapists. Over the years there have been some amazing artwork created. Take a Look!

Media forms included visual, three-dimensional, mixed media art and later poetry/spoken word, music and dance/performance art. Judging was based on clarity of theme, creativity and originality, quality of composition/design/choreography/performance and the overall impression and presentation.

A Traveling Exhibit and Short Film was also created as part of its awareness campaign to encourage professionals to incorporate the expressive use of art and conversation as a breakthrough tool. Want to learn more about how to use this in your treatment center or practice? Contact