Gellan K. Ahmed is a psychiatrist holding M.B.B. Ch, MSc, and PhD credentials in psychiatry. She has previously held positions as a research fellow at King’s College London’s Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and as a lecturer in the psychiatry department at Assiut University, Egypt. Throughout her extensive career, she has dedicated herself to working with children and adolescents for over eight years. During this period, she developed a keen interest in the field of eating disorder recovery, as she noticed a lack of adequate information and training available to parents and caretakers to effectively support the recovery process of their children and adolescents. This observation was particularly concerning given the inadequacy of existing Eating Disorder Services in Upper Egypt, prompting her to seek inspiration and training abroad. Throughout this transformative journey, Dr. Heba Essawy provided essential guidance and mentorship, playing a pivotal role in Gellan K. Ahmed’s journey to becoming the first member of the eating disorder community in Upper Egypt. Together, their objective was to create programs and interventions that could assist clients and families affected by eating disorders in Upper Egypt.

*Received designation as part of the efforts of Dr. Heba Essawy, iaedp™ Educational Affiliate of Egypt*

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