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As iaedp™ International Chapter, we are looking forward to energizing and engaging the global Eating Disorders Community and focusing our efforts on providing professional training, increasing membership and building collaboration.  We would like to personally invite professionals, like you, to become a Member of iaedp™ by joining our International Chapter.

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BECOME A MEMBER of iaedp™ International Chapter and together we will serve the world!

As a membership-driven organization, the mission of the iaedp™ International Chapter, like our US Chapters, is dedicated to promote a high level of professionalism among its member practitioners who treat those suffering from eating disorders by promoting ethical and professional standards, offering education and training in the field, certifying those who have met prescribed requirements, promoting public and professional awareness of eating disorders and assisting in prevention efforts.

Since the inception of the International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals, Foundation, Inc. (iaedp™) our mission and goals have been mindful of attracting and serving professionals from around the world. In October 2008, the International Relations Committee (IRC) was established to achieve our goals in serving the International Community by building an international presence and building collaborative efforts with eating disorder professionals worldwide. Some of its founding members included Eva Trujillo/Chairperson, Ovidio Bermudez, Nancy Anderson Dolan/Canada, Rebecca Hernandez/Costa Rica, Buck Runyan, Claralicia Martinez/San Salvador, Christina Santini, Divya Kakaiya, Anna Scelzo/current Chair of Italy, Caryl James/current Chair of Jamaica, Suzanne Ricklin, Jan Sherbak, Anita Johnston, Buck Runyan, Rick Bishop/IBAC, and Rosanna Mauro/current International Chapter President.

In 2018, the iaedp™ International Chapter was founded under the leadership of Rosanna Mauro de Maya, MS, CEDRD-S. As founding President, Rosanna has leveraged her professional reputation and strong global relationships in the field to provide stability and vision moving ahead. She is joining by dedicated professionals who have accepted the leadership position for their respective countries. International Chapter Chairs are pivotal in our global growth and educational training outreach.

Chair of Bulgaria: Elisaveta V. Pavlova, PhD, CEDS; Designated Educational Affiliate for iaedp™ in Bulgaria
Chair of Italy: Dr. Anna Scelzo
Co-Chairs of Dominican Republic: Aridia Vasquez, MD, RD and Zuleika Morillo, MD
Chair of Jamaica: Caryl James, PhD
Chair of Mexico: Julieta Vélez-Belmonte, PsyD
Chair of Kenya: Mbulwa Mnjama, MA
Co-Chairs of Middle East: Riham Al-Reshaid, and Khadeja Mousa, PsyD

Being a Member of iaedp™ and its International Chapter is a unique opportunity to belong to the world’s leading organization in providing first quality education and high-level training standards for professionals who treat the full spectrum of eating disorder problems. Our programs are designed by treatment professionals for treatment professionals working in therapeutic settings.

Benefits of joining are the following:

  • Access to high quality continuing education opportunities, through e-newsletters such as Eating Disorders Review along with professional webinars, online training and specialized courses.
  • Opportunity to become a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist (CEDS) and stand out among your colleagues around the world. Learn about your International equivalency!
  • Access for non-clinical, non-credentialed professionals to receive an Educational Designation – Associate, iaedp Institute of Eating Disorders
  • Connect with and get support from a valuable network of committed healthcare professionals, find professional development opportunities and create a community of excellence.
  • Become an iaedp™ Chapter Chair of your country or region and distinguish yourself as a leader in the field of eating disorders and be granted unique access and status to conduct educational and prevention activities.
  • Have the privilege of writing articles or opinion pieces about your expertise or research in the Member Spotlight, Expert Guest Blogger or Eating Disorders Review.
  • Participate in the iaedp Connection, Outreach and Mentoring Committee (COMC) and attend its educational webinars on Certification and other topics.
  • Join the International Chapter’s Case Study Peer Consultation Group – Bi-Monthly Teleconference
  • Have access to 1:1 supervision with prestigious and recognized iaedp™ Professionals in the fields of Psychology, Medicine, Nutrition and Dietetics, Nursing and others!
  • Attend prestigious Annual Symposium in the United States to learn, network, and build relationships while enjoying activities and  great food at a beautiful resort property.
  • Apply for Prestigious Professional Awards – Spirit of iaedp™, New Professional, Member of the Year, Fellow of iaedp™

For more information contact iaedp™ Director of International Development Blanche A. Williams, MS  Blanche@iaedp.com or 800-800-8126 x83

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