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Starting a Chapter

iaedp’s mission is to bring together eating disorder treatment providers, across all disciplines, to collaborate and inspire one another. Chapters drive this mission on the local level – connecting members with local peer support, resources, and continuing education.

iaedp currently has over thirty chapters. We are adding more all the time, but if you don’t already have a chapter in your area, why not start one?

Starting a chapter comes with many benefits

  • Recognition as an eating disorder professional and as a leader – locally, nationally, even internationally
  • Support, networking, education, and the buddy referral system with local professionals
  • Discounts on iaedp membership and symposium
  • Co-branding with a prestigious organization – chapters benefit from the marketing power of iaedp
  • Support and guidance from other chapter presidents and the Chapter Director – powerful tools which not only help you run a chapter, but translate into running a practice as well

Local member collaboration through chapters continues to drive awareness, education, and quality. Your involvement will help shape our future and the lives of those we serve. Starting a chapter is as easy as:

  1. Get together with four professional colleagues/iaedp members in your area who would be interested in starting a chapter and serving on the local board. Find ten more people interested in a local chapter, and you’ve established interest! All that’s left is the paperwork…
  2. Send a letter of intent, statement of purpose, and application (along with a $50 application fee) to iaedp Headquarters.
  3. Begin the process of completing non-profit corporation papers, which is done with the guidance of iaedp Headquarters. 

Contact us for more information info@iaedpfoundation.com


Are you an International Eating Disorders Professional or want to work in this field? Do you want to connect with other ED Professionals in your Country or Region of the World? Would you like to associate yourself with the world’s leading organization dedicated to the education and training of multidisciplinary professionals who treat the full spectrum of eating disorder problems? Would you like to receive expert training from the comfort of your home or office? If you answered yes to any of these questions, its time to join our International Chapter today! Membership has its advantages! For more information contact us at internationalaffairs@iaedpfoundation.com

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