Gut health is in the news and all over social media these days, and rightly so – new studies are helping us understand just how impactful our gut microbiomes are to our everyday health and wellbeing across all organ systems. But making sense of the information and sifting through marketing for gut powders and pills can be overwhelming at best and potentially dangerous at worst.

Join Amy on June 4th, 2024 from 7-8:30pm PST for What in the Gut is Happening to Me?!, a virtual introduction to all things gastrointestinal from an evidence-based perspective. Learn just how many unique etiologies exist for various gut disturbances, understand what your body might be communicating through its symptoms, and discern next steps to help you find lasting relief from the bottom up.

As always, Amy presents information through a psychodynamic lens, inviting discussion along the way and weaving in the conscious and unconscious mind to consider the whole person.

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