Talking With Our Mouths Full is a 10-week virtual nutrition process group intended to help members improve their relationship to food, self, and others. The group is led by Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Amy Isabella Chalker and will meet weekly on Zoom. Each 90-minute group session is $75; group members who sign up are expected to be present for all sessions, unless otherwise discussed.

During this group, members commit to focusing on what is happening for them in the present moment; members are encouraged to participate by verbalizing experiences, thoughts, feelings, and emotions that arise within the group setting, as well as outside the group.

Outline: This 10-week group will have a question each week as a starting point for discussion (subject to change):

Week 1: What did food mean to us throughout our development?
Week 2: What does ‘health’ mean to us now?
Week 3: What are diets, anyway?
Week 4: How can our bodies be a form of communication?
Week 5: Social media and society: Empty calories?
Week 6: How does our use of food and exercise help keep us safe?
Week 7: Family and food – what’s the connection?
Week 8: Hunger and fullness: How do we find the balance?
Week 9: What obstacles get in the way of nourishing ourselves?
Week 10: What are we hungry for?

For information to join: or 805-585-5257 

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