PLAN B: Telehealth WEBINAR RECORDING (upon request) and  Presentation SLIDES

March 25, 2020 – Presentation focused on professionals considering using teletherapy to see their patients. It will cover the basics of setting up a teletherapy practice including logistic issues as well as the level of comfort for the patient and the therapist. The idea of starting your own telepractice can be daunting and especially with our patients. Wap answer the basic questions on whether teletherapy is the right option for our members. The “needs” list can seem daunting but if we work together, it can be a way to continue our work during this difficult time.


Vicki Berkus M.D.,Ph.D, CEDS, fiaedp has been part of iaedp for many years, serving as past president and now on the advisory board. She has worked in all areas of treatment for eating disorders and now is doing strictly telepsychiatry with She is licensed in California, New Mexico, Florida, Colorado, Oklahoma, Minnesota and Arizona and sees patients all over the country. She has been involved in telemedicine for over 6 years and has “made all the mistakes”. She will be covering the major aspects of telemedicine and what is needed to start your practice.

Additional Resources:

  • AdvancedMD is offering certain features within its patient engagement suite free of cost until the end of May.
  • Prognocis will be giving its complete telehealth platform free of cost to all its customers.
  • Chartlogic has just launched its telehealth service and will be offering it for free to all its customers.
  • Drchorno Two of its telehealth partners have special 90-day free trial offers for all Drchorno customers.
  • eclinicalworks is providing accelerated activation, training, and setup of telemedicine services for all practices. Non-customers can also purchase their stand-alone  telehealth platform
  • Amwell
  • LiveHealthOnline


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