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This webinar provides timely information and resources, from experts in the field, based on their experience, data, and case studies. iaedp™  is not promoting any particular organization or recommending any particular product or approach. But this information is designed to assist you in making informed decisions. 

The global Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) epidemic has created an unprecedented need for eating disorder treatment professionals to rapidly set up and deliver virtual care. Digital tools are being adopted across a variety of treatment settings, allowing for continuity of care at a time when many patients are experiencing distress, disconnect from social supports, food insecurity or oversupply in the home, and other stressors associated with home quarantine.  Virtual practices not only allow providers to continue to meet this urgent patient need while minimizing COVID-19 risk, but it is anticipated that virtual-only care may be mandated by federal and state agencies in the near term.

The presentation will outline foundational need-to-know information for setting up a virtual practice, including technical, safety and clinical considerations in the current climate. Further, it will highlight opportunities for practitioners to augment and enrich their new telehealth practice. Utilizing adjunctive technologies allows for the automation of evidence-based tasks, equips care teams with access to timely patient progress and meal data, and extends the care continuum into patients’ homes and lives while providing for access to coping skills and support in moments of need. Finally, real-world learnings from implementing telehealth and an app-based adjunct to care in a New York-based outpatient treatment center will be shared with a focus on successes and challenges for clinical staff and patients.

Additional Resources:

Patient Agreement Template

Telehealth Informed Consent Form


Jenna Tregarthen is CEO and Co-Founder of Recovery Record. Jenna Tregarthen’s interest is in designing and evaluating technologies that not only increase access to eating disorder care, but also improve quality of care. Tregarthen’s expertise in patient-centered design was honed during her role teaching healthcare innovation at Stanford University. She conceived of the Recovery Record idea whilst undertaking her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and being the primary supporter for her sister, who is recovering from an eating disorder. Jenna is the Co-Founder and CEO Recovery Record, an eating disorder management platform serving over 900,000 people with eating disorders and 10,000 practitioners across the world. Tregarthen serves on the Board of Directors of eating disorder Not for Profit Project HEAL and is a guest lecturer in Digital Health.

Melainie Rogers, MS, RDN, CDN, CEDRD-S is a Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian and an iaedp accredited supervisor in the treatment of eating disorders. She is the Founder and Executive Director of BALANCE eating disorder treatment center™ and melainie rogers nutrition, llc in New York City. Among her many affiliations Melainie is the founder and past president of the New York City iaedp Chapter, an Advisory BoardMember at the Center for the Study of Anorexia and Bulimia and a former Board Member of the Binge Eating Disorder Association. S he is also an adjunct professor in the Department of Nutrition and Food Studies at New York University. Melainie has earned a strong reputation among her colleagues as an expert in the field of eating disorders.She is a dynamic speaker and has been invited to present internationally on the latest scientific discoveries and treatment approaches within the eating disorder profession.

Casey N. Tallent, Ph.D. is the National Collegiate & Virtual IOP Outreach Director for Eating Recovery Center and its partner programs. Casey worked with a small team to develop a Virtual IOP at Eating Recovery Center over three years ago. The program has been researched and is effective at treating eating disorders. In her role, Casey focuses on outreach to schools, colleges, and universities. She has conducted trainings for universities and schools across the nation on improving eating disorders treatment services on campus. Casey is the co-founder and current President of the Nebraska Eating Disorders Network, a non-profit organization focused on providing eating disorders resources to professionals, clients, and families in Nebraska. Casey received her BA and Masters in Counseling from University of Missouri-Kansas City, and her PhD in Counseling Psychology from University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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