Yoga Nourishment
Evolving Beyond Eating Disorders
Eating Disorder behaviors manifest as an unhealthy way of dealing with stress and unprocessed emotions, i.e. shame, anxiety, and anger, that are stored in the body. Negative core beliefs about the self and body feed these destructive behaviors such as, “If I have the perfect body (external focus) then I will feel happy/good enough (internal feeling)” only to end up feeling more alone and disconnected.
The Key to Recovery is Connection which IS the practice of Yoga. Join us on the path of ways to connect with the breath and body, flow with emotions, cultivate a more nurturing mindset, and allow the authentic self to emerge.
  • Week 1: Cultivating a Healing Mindset by challenging destructive thoughts around food, weight and body image.
  • Week 2: Flowing with Feelings to release emotional heaviness and feel a sense of renewal.
  • Week 3: Calming the Anxious Mind/Body and letting go of perfectionism.
  • Week 4: Becoming Friends with Your Body and embrace body image acceptance.
Online workshop taught by Lori Haas, LCSW, CEDS, 500-CYT. Recordings will be available for those who can’t attend live. If local to Chandler, AZ, you may also attend workshops in person (address will be provided upon registration).
Tuesdays, Sept. 3, 10, 17, 24 from 5-7pm (MST)
Join Us: Online, In-person, or Self-paced
Limited space available. Advance registration required by Aug. 27.
For more information about registration contact: – 602-332-4360

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