Therapy Rocks! Episode #23 (28 minute listen time):  “Mom, Am I Fat?” Explaining Diet Culture and Fatphobia To Kids:

Join Signe for a @therapyrockspodcast interview with anti-diet journalist, Virginia Sole-Smith. They explore questions (and some answers) about body image, fatphobia, and diet culture.Virginia is the author of The Eating Instinct: Food Culture, Body Image and Guilt in America and the forthcoming Fat Kid Phobia. Her reporting on diet culture, health and parenting has appeared in the New York Times, Scientific American, and many other publications. She also writes the newsletter Burnt Toast and hosts the Burnt Toast Podcast.

Instagram: @v_solesmith, @noweighguide, @therapyrockspodcast

Twitter: @v_solesmith, @noweighguide

Linkedin: Signe Darpinian, Virginia Sole-Smith

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