“Souls Like Stars: Renew Your Mind, Heal Your Heart, Unveil Your Shine” By Margaret Nagib, PsyD

God meets you in the space between where you’ve been and where you want to be. It’s a special place where harried minds are renewed, hearts are made whole, and the human spirit is created to shine! In this book, the author leads you step-by-step to the place where life-giving freedom and transformation happens in the here and now. Souls Like Stars is an experiential, skills-based guidebook to help you:

  • Get free of the baggage that keeps you from experiencing God and his love on a deeper level
  • Heal from past hurts and the limiting beliefs and addictive cycles they create to live in the truth of who you really are
  • Experience the freedom to love and serve others with a whole heart.​

Margaret Nagib, PsyD, is lead faculty of the Clinical Development Institute at Timberline Knolls Residential Center in Chicago. She has specialized in the field of eating disorders since 1998 and recently authored the book, “Souls Like Stars: Renew Your Mind: Heal Your Heart, Unveil Your Shine”

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