White Eggs & Jam: ED I Am

(Based on the Dr. Seuss book entitled Green Eggs and Ham)

Do you like white eggs & jam?

Shall we try a sandwich with cheese or ham?

What about just one small bite

It might taste good, it might taste right

I do not like them, ED-I-Am.
I do not like white eggs & jam.
I would not like them here or there.
I would not like anything anywhere.

Can you try them just a little?

Can we try them while you fiddle?

I know you might worry about what you eat

Whether carbs or fat or any type of meat

I do not like them, ED-I-Am
I do not like white eggs & jam.
I do not like chips or cookies or cake
I do not like anything you buy or bake

I know it’s really oh so tough

And approaching food is really so rough

But since it’s something we really need multiple times each day

I wonder if we might consider a way to foray?

I’m scared! It’s too hard! I can’t!
If you push me, I will rant!
I’ve been worrying worrying for oh so long
Eating regularly just feels so wrong

I see you – ED you are

But ED you really have gone too far

You’ve reduced your energy, spunk and overall life

Causing irritability, conflict and strife

I really am unhappy, as you say
And really so hard to get through the day
I just worry what will happen next
I just really don’t know what to expect

Let’s brainstorm ways of adding in some eating throughout the day

It’s hard and scary – but it really is the only way

We need fueling energy for your body and brain

Let’s find a different way of reducing the pain

I don’t want to eat in the kitchen or dining room
I don’t want to eat with you live or on Zoom
I would not like it with pepper or salt
I don’t like this eating assault

I hear you, ED-I-Am, and I want to know more

Can we explore what’s at the core?

Could we talk more about what is going on inside?

I’m guessing there are worries and fears – will you confide?

I cannot, will not, please just let me be
ED-I-Am! I want to just be me!
I eat enough and it’s just fine
And if I eat more, I might misalign

You may not want white eggs or jam,

You have some choice, ED-I-Am

But let’s find something with which to start

Let’s talk flavors, preferences – let’s make a chart

I used to like more things, that is true
But now everything is askew
There are reasons I hesitate to enjoy more food
I think I have to be careful and very shrewd

You have your own concerns and limits, as you say.

Can we take a baby step to try them for a day?

I think that we can find a way

Let’s keep trying to make it OK.

Say! I do like white eggs and jam!
I do! I like them, ED-I-Am!
But I am nervous and oh so scared
Not sure I can keep going with what I have dared

Let’s keep talking, let’s go slow,

I’m guessing there might be more about yourself you want to know

We can explore more about assumptions, habits and needs

Let’s sort out the core values from the toxic weeds

I am scared but also do wonder
What exactly had gone asunder
I see that this really keeps me stuck
And leads to my life running amuck

It’s been a while now doing the work,

I see many of the old habits no longer lurk

I see you, ED-you-were

You have worked so hard on recovery and cure

The fear sure did run super deep
I am so glad I took the leap
This took a bit longer than I thought
And this healing sure was hard fought

So proud of how far you have come

And so pleased with all you have become

You have finally found the key

To now finally living fully free

And I see that it really was so much more
With fears and functions at the core.
I can live! And I am free!
I can finally just be me!

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