A fact-filled book loaded with applicable information essential to the development and maintenance of a positive and cohesive body image for readers of any age or gender. Q&A plus step-by-step exercises ideal for parents and grandparents, teachers, coaches, trainers, creative arts therapists and medical clinicians working with anyone suffering the effects of body image issues and eating disorders.
“MYOB:Mind Your Own Body is an outstanding integration of what we know now that we never knew before about body image and eating disorders. The treatment of disordered eating and body image is a new endeavor, and Macdonald is among a small group of pioneers paving the path away from our culturally prescribed body wars toward body peace. MYOB will be useful for anyone navigating the toxic body-shaming messages of contemporary culture. This book is a treasure chest of insights and healing messages for clinicians and anyone who struggles with body image.”   Margo Maine, PhD, FAED, CEDS, Psychologist, Eating Disorder Specialist, Author
About the Author

Gina Macdonald MA,LPC,CEDS-S has 25 years of experience working in hospitals, treatment centers and private practice in Branford, CT assisting those who struggle with body image and eating disorder symptomolgy.


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