MeaningFULL: 23 Life-Changing Stories of Conquering Dieting, Weight, & Body Image Issues blends the genres of psychology, nutrition, medical, health and wellness, motivational self-help, and memoir. Through the contributors’ diverse, real-life mini-memoirs followed by Spotts-De Lazzer’s commentaries, readers will learn about themselves and discover their unique, unconventional formulas for conquering their issues. Along the way, MeaningFULL will also guide them towards more self-appreciation, wellness, and fulfillment.” Further, clinicians, carers, and those struggling alike will learn about the following: a range of eating issues from ‘normal’ and subclinical to serious eating disorders; the subtle nuances between different feeding and eating disorders; common medical and nutritional concerns related to these issues; pertinent resources to support those struggling with these problems; and the subjective experiences of people who have experienced these issues.


Alli is a therapist with a private practice in Los Angeles who is active in the eating disorders and mental health fields. She publishes, presents, participates in committees, organizes advocacy events, and believes in service. MeaningFULL took around three years to complete, and she’s pumped to get it out there and believes it will help those struggling, carers, and practitioners alike.

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