Kristine is the Owner of Sinnergy Wellness Group and is a Certified Eating Disorders Specialist and Supervisor (CEDS-S) and Medical Nutrition Therapist. Since the early 90’s, she has worked in all levels of care and passionately believes that when nutritional intervention, restructuring, and rehabilitation is a priority the outcomes are consistently greater and more sustainable for long term recovery. As the owner of Sinnergy Wellness, Kristine enjoys the opportunity to give back and mentor others. In March 2019, Kristine released a self published handbook titled “Meal Planning Strategies, Tips, & Techniques- A Practical Handbook For Everyone” to serve as a resource to other nutrition professionals as well as any individual who wants to learn HOW to achieve optimal wellness for themselves and those they love.

Kristine specializes in high risk and severely compromised cases. She possesses the critical care experience needed to take on cases that would traditionally require a higher level of care and for one reason or another, this isn’t an option. Kristine believes everyone deserves treatment and will do whatever she can to help you and those who support you to get the help you need.

Throughout her career she has helped countless people just like YOU who have been where you’ve been and have hurt like you are hurting. Kristine knows how to help you and will be by your side every step of the way with the individualized, compassionate experience you deserve. With Kristine you can expect a direct, yet compassionate, support style to help you conquer your recovery.

Kristine Sinner, MS, RD,LD/N, CEDS-S

Registered Dietitian/Medical Nutrition Therapist Owner, Sinnergy Wellness Group

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