2018 Theme – “Breaking the Stigma of Eating Disorders”


 iaedp International Chapter President Dra. Juana Poulisis, MD, PHD joined by its Chair of Central America Dra. Rosanna Mauro, MSc, RD, CEDRD, Chair of Bulgaria Elisaveta Pavlova,  PhD, CEDS, IE-PRO, Chair of Canada Susan Osher, MSc, RD, CEDRD, and Chair of Italy Dr. Anna Scelzo, MBSc(Psy)Hons.

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Topics in Spanish – 10:00am-10:45am/EST United States

“No soy yo: cuando finalmente entiendo la biología de los TCA” (It’s not me: finally understanding eating disorder biology) by Dra. Juana Poulisis, MD, PHD (Spanish)

“TCA: Más allá del Peso y la Dieta” (eating disorders: beyond weight and diet) by Rosanna Mauro de Maya, MSc, RD, CEDRD (Spanish)

Topic in Bulgarian – 10:45am-11:10am/EST United States

“Диети, тяло, медии-истините за хранителните нарушения” – (Diets, body, media- the trues about eating disorders) by Elisaveta Pavlova, PhD, CEDS, IE-PRO (Bulgarian)

Topic in English-11:10am-11:35am/EST United States

“I’m not thin enough for an eating disorder” by Susan Osher, MSc, RD, CEDRD (English)

Topic in Italian – 11:35am-12:00pm/EST United States

“Quanto pesa lo stigma?” – (How much does stigma weigh?) by Dr. Anna Scelzo, Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist, MBSc(Psy)Hons (Italian)

Read articles written on Breaking The Stigma of Eating Disorders by Rosanna Mauro de Maya, MSc, RD, CEDRD and Dr. Anna Scelzo at http://www.worldeatingdisordersday.org/blog/

Are you an International Eating Disorders Professional or want to work in this field? Do you want to connect with other ED Professionals in your Country or Region of the World? Would you like to associate yourself with the world’s leading organization dedicated to the education, training, and certification of multidisciplinary professionals who treat the full spectrum of eating disorder problems? Would you like to receive expert raining from the comfort of your home or office? If you answered yes to any of these questions, please contact Blanche@iaedp.com or visit our website www.iaedp.com.

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