iaedp™ International Chapter Chairs present the following Global Events:

Monday, May 31st:  International Chapter President Rosanna Mauro de Maya, MS, CEDRD-S facilitates Round Table: “Factores Clave para la Recuperación de los TCA with Dra. Julieta Vélez-Belmonte, PsyD, Zuleika Morillo, MD, Aridia Vasquez, MD,  Juana Poulisis, MD, FAED, Daniela Gomez, MD, FAED, CEDS and Gina Levy.

Wednesday, June 2, 5pm: Dra. Julieta Vélez-Belmonte, PsyD, Chair of Mexico presents “Actividad de prevención” at Universidad Anáhuac de Puebla

Wednesday, June 2: Heba Essawy, MD, CEDS, Chair of Egypt facilitates Round Table: “Uncovering the Challenges in Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment of Eating Disorders in Egypt” – Cairo, Egypt

Wednesday, June 2, 6:30 pm: Zuleika Morillo, MD and Aridia Vasquez, MD Co-Chairs of Dominican Republic present “Intervenciones terapéuticas en un caso de Anorexia Nerviosa”

Wednesday, June 2: Elisaveta V. Pavlova, PhD, CEDS, Chair of Bulgaria presents a video recording “Coping with stress for distorted eating and eating disorders”

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