Individuals with Eating Disorders don’t do recovery to become “normal” eaters.
Recovering from the depth and breadth of their eating disorder experience demands learning how to nourish body, mind, spirit, and relationships with self and others.  Recovery calls people in our care to accept imperfection, while practicing gratitude for all it teaches. Recovery calls them to practice joy, hope, faith, service and ease-full mastery in eating–and life.
Integrated eating is a four-phase process that incorporates the body, mind and soul to support eating disorder healing and recovery. Integrated Eating guides patients as they learn mastery over symptoms, mastery in self-nourishment, and mastery in living. We developed Integrated Eating by weaving strong, resilient and vibrant threads of science, dietetic practice, and yoga therapy. Developed in an outpatient setting, it incorporates learning and language from multiple disciplines.
This book gives an overview of a detailed, interconnected, science-, dietetic- and yoga-based process.
About the Authors

Maria Sorbara Mora, MS, RD, CEDRD, CDN, PRYT, RYT, is a registered dietitian and yoga therapist. She is Founder of Integrated Eating Dietetics-Nutrition, PLLC in New York City, Brooklyn, and Garden City, NY. She’s treated people with eating disorders since 1999.

Joe Kelly is a best-selling author, editor, educator, father, and grandfather in Richmond, California. Formerly a Minnesota Public Radio regional news director, he co-founded the international, award-winning, girl-edited magazine New Moon Girls and the national advocacy nonprofit Dads and Daughters. Kelly helps health and education professionals to mobilize and utilize their clients’ and students’ male loved ones as resources and coaches men with family members suffering from eating disorders and/or addiction.


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