Kena Watson,LPA is the co-founder of Kalon Collective LLC and proud member of the iaedp™ African-American Eating Disorders Professionals (AAEDP) Committee. Kena combines her years of experience as a researcher and an eating disorders professional to provide client care that is in line with our team’s values.  As Kalon Collective’s administrator, Kena will be your first point of contact. She works to ensure that new clients feel safe and ready to continue their recovery journey with us.

ka·lon (n) – “Beauty that is more than skin-deep”

Kalon Collective LLC aims to provide quality and comprehensive culinary services in order to help all our client feel condiment in the kitchen and comfortable around all foods. Our mission is to educate, support and empower our client in their recovery and fill the gap between planning and practice. We work directly with registered dietitians to make sure that the services we are providing will be individualized and in line with our client’s national goals.

Here are a few of our offerings:

Cooking 101 – We will work with you to build your cooking skills, face challenging spaces in the kitchen, learn the skills to organize your own kitchen and pantry, and incorporate new cooking ingredients.

Grocery Tours – Together we will tackle the challenges that re present when you walk into a grocery store, such as fixating on nutrition labels, fear of cetin sections, time management, food comparisons, etc.

Meal Planning – Our consultant will help you create weekly grocery lists, mela ideas, find recipes and discuss ways to incorporate food challenges. You will discuss practical ways to meet your recommended meal plan/goals that incorporate foods you enjoy and that fit with your school, work, and social schedule.

B.Y.O.M. (Bring Your Own Meal) – This service is an opportunity to bring you own meal and have it assessed within a supportive environment. We will support and challenge you with identifying what you like, what makes sense, and work through the challenges that arise throughout the process.

Food Fear Exposure – Ideal for those who have fear foods and who would need to have support in cooking and eating these foods. The goal of fear food exposure is to start breaking down the barriers for those challenge foods to create more variety in your meal plan.

Restaurant Support – Helpful for those who need practice with ordering meals at restaurants, support in challenging food fears, accountability while trying new menus, and facing challenges that may arise in a possibly overwhelming environment.

Visit our website at or you can call us directly at (919)-378-1720.

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