Mary Mbulwa Mnjama- Musau, MA

Mary is a practicing psychotherapist who is quite passionate & enjoys seeing lives transformed through this interactive process. Apart from vast experience especially in marriage & family matters, Mary has enjoyed being a part time University lecturer in Psychology, leads B&R teams in Emotional & Psychological EAP wellness programs for some of the top Corporations in Kenya as well working with both local & international governments in Africa.

She is the CEO at Build & Restore Counseling Services and has over 15 years of experience in the counseling field. She is not shy to be creative in therapy towards effective & tangible results. She especially enjoys using salsa dance for self-awareness & couple therapy.

Mary has lately converted her home to cater for the increasing exposure & concern towards the alarmingly and escalating Eating Disorder encounters in her therapy work in Kenya. She is CEO of  the TEULE house – An Emotional Wellness & Eating Disorder halfway/transitional house for teenage girls and women. She is quite enthusiastic and energized in this emerging field. Through her leadership in spearheading this area, Mary looks forward to seeing change in Kenya through professional networks and teams at both local and international levels with sustainable support & treatment centres for Kenya & Africa.

Mary is currently pursuing a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Daystar University. She has a Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology from United States International University – Africa, and a bachelor’s degree in Education from Kenyatta University.

Special Educational Partnership since August 2022

Mary Mbulwa Musau, MA and her organization, Mteule Clinical Assessment & Training Centre, are a Designated Educational Affiliate for iaedp™ to assist individuals within Eastern and Southern African Countries in attaining the status of Associate Designee, iaedp™ Institute on Eating Disorders.

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