Zuzanna Gajowiec is a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist and Approved
Consultant. She is also a Registered Family Therapist, Clinical
Psychologist and an EMDR therapist. She has worked in the field of
eating disorder recovery since 2013 and has experience working in
various levels of care.

Zuzanna currently works as a Clinical Lead in a Residential Eating
Disorder Treatment Centre and in a private practice
(www.psychologyhub.ie). Zuzanna also co-founded SupportED families –a
service dedicated to educating, equipping, and empowering families and
carers of people affected by eating disorders. SupportED families also
trains and provides consultations to professionals working in the field
of eating disorders (therapists, guidance counsellors, sports coaches,
nurses, dietitians, and G. P’s). SupportED families was a finalist of an
Impact Programme 2022 organised by Social Entrepreneurs Ireland.

Zuzanna is very passionate about the development and improvement of
services. It is still painfully obvious that there are not enough mental
health professionals trained in eating disorders. She hopes to be part
of the positive change by promoting the highest quality, research-based
interventions in the treatment of eating disorders, as well as improving
and further developing services available in Ireland.

Throughout nearly a decade of working in the eating disorder field,
Zuzanna has worked with clients with all eating disorder presentations
and diagnosis. She is also passionate about the social justice aspect of
the eating disorder’s work – supporting and advocating for marginalized
populations. Her integrative approach is trauma informed (EMDR,
Polyvagal Theory, IFS) third wave behaviour therapy (ACT, CFT) practices
with systemic lens (close systems – family, and broader systems – social

Clients and supervisees working with Zuzanna can be sure to experience a
lot of empathy, the right dose of challenge and push and some fun and

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