Dr. Elisaveta Pavlova, CEDS

2020 iaedp™ Special Recognition Award Recipient

Dr. Elisaveta Pavlova holds a PhD in medical psychology. She is a counseling psychologist with more than 12 years’ experience in the eating disorders (ED) and mental field. She obtained her CEDS designation from iaedp in 2016, and become the first eating disorders certified specialist in Bulgaria. She is the Founder and President of First Bulgarian Organization for Eating Disorders -Association UNIKAL since 2011, and for UNIKAL Online Institute, since October 2018. Dr. Elisaveta Pavlova is the first in her country certified as a professional Intuitive Eating Counselor at the International organization of IE-professionals. Since November 2016, she has served as the iaedp™ International Chapter Chair of Bulgaria. In addition, Dr. Elisaveta Pavlova works as a coordinating trainer for self-created courses for Bulgarian students and specialists in the ED field and its prevention. Dr. Pavlova was the pioneer for the Educational Designation Associate iaedp™, translated into Bulgarian language, as well as, a professional partner for WHO (World Health Organization) Global Clinical Practice Network.

Special Educational Partnership since September 2016

Elisaveta V. Pavlova, PhD, CEDS and her organization UNICAL Association are a Designated Educational Affiliate for iaedp™ to assist individuals in Bulgaria in attaining the status of Associate,  iaedp™ Institute on Eating Disorders.

To learn more visit the websites: http://bia-unikal.org/ and https://unikalonlineinstitute.com/

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