Tina Laboy is the owner of her group practice called TLB Nutrition Therapy, a non-diet, weight inclusive practice that has a team of 6 awesome dietitians.  Tina is a certified eating disorder registered dietitian and supervisor, certified intuitive eating counselor, as well as a certified personal trainer.  Tina works primarily with those struggling with eating disorders and wanting to heal their relationship with food, their body and movement. She focuses on bettering her client’s physical and emotional health by employing a non-diet approach to food, using intuitive and conscious eating principles.  She embraces everyone’s individual qualities and hopes to make a difference in her clients lives by practicing weight inclusive care and supporting body diversity.  When she isn’t working in private practice, she is active in her volunteer work with her local eating disorder professional community and is the co-founder of Texas Eating Disorder Dietitians (TEDD), a professional, weight inclusive supervision business with Gina Mateer, a fellow CEDRD-S.  This past year TEDD teamed up with Weight Inclusive Nutrition and Dietetics (WIND) to put on the first TEDD WIND Inclusivity Conference.  This was a virtual conference that hosted non-diet, weight inclusive presentations for dietitians and allied health professionals. 
Stay tuned for upcoming release dates for future Inclusivity Conference Events.  Tina is also the co-host of the podcast “Mom Genes: The Podcast” with Rachel Coleman a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist where they help parents debunk diet culture myths and raise body confident kids.  She lives in Austin, TX with her two cats, one dog, three chickens, husband and son. 
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