Alice Baker MSRD, CEDRD-S, LMHC, LDN has over 23 years’ experience in the field of Eating Disorders. Due to her own recovery and the freedom she found, she has been passionate about Eating Disorders from the beginning and has dedicated her life to coming alongside individuals on their road towards healing, increasing awareness, and reducing stigma around the topic of Eating Disorders.

Alice has served clients with eating disorders through the full spectrum of care from inpatient to outpatient. In 2005, Alice founded Joyful Nutrition – a nutrition therapy practice committed to empowering individuals towards a peaceful relationship with food and feeling more at home in their bodies. She is a Health At Every Size practitioner and believes strongly in weight inclusive practice.

More recently, Alice obtained licensure as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and founded Courageous Hearts Counseling a trauma and social justice informed practice dedicated to coming alongside men and women as they bravely enter their stories, the wounds they have experienced, the self-protective responses they have developed to survive, and new ways to love and be loved. Her specialties include Eating Disorders and Trauma.

Alice currently sees clients full-time in Florida, facilitates support groups, presents regularly on Eating Disorder topics, and supervises new dietitians in this rewarding field. You can find out more about her work, her services, and both her practices at:

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