iaedp member and leading Mental Health Expert, Dr. Gregory Jantz, has released his latest book: Don’t Call It Love – Breaking the Cycle of Relationship Dependency (Revel Publishing, April 2015)

In a warm, engaging style, Drs. Jantz and Clinton walk readers through patterns of relationship dependency, helping them unravel why they are drawn back to the same dry well of unfulfilled relationships over and over again.

Readers will discover how to break the cycle, banish their fears, and find wholeness in the God who designed them to be in relationship first and foremost with him, thus freeing them to find healthy relationships with others. Includes a twelve-week personal recovery plan.

In This Book:

  • Information to help individuals break the cycle of codependency ad unhealthy relationships
  • Read from renowned experts on addiction, relationships and depression
  • Read about a topic affecting millions yet is not widely discussed or understood

Get a copy of Don’t Call It Love here.

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