Did you know that iaedp’s Connection, Outreach, and Mentoring Committee (COMC) provides professional mentoring?  We do and we’re here to help you!  The purpose of iaedp mentorship is to provide a resource to clinicians who are new the field of eating disorders, new to iaedp, or looking for guidance. These relationships will enhance professional connections as well as professional development.  Each relationship is tailored to meet the needs of the mentee and the mentoring connection.

We can all learn something from one another, therefore iaedp would like to assist with matching member-to-member.

  • Are you a new professional member who would appreciate establishing a friendship with a seasoned member?
  • Are you interested in expanding your expertise or status and could use some guidance?
  • Are you looking at the possibility of starting a new practice or facility and would appreciate some insight from someone who has been there done that?
  • Are you excited about getting involved with iaedp and would like to learn the ropes from someone who knows?
  • Are you a member who would like to be of assistance as a potential mentor, but would like to learn more?

Contact us at iaedp.comc@gmail.com to get setup with a mentor in your area of practice.

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