Congratulations to iaedp Board Member Dr. Vicki Berkus on her new position as psychiatrist with Doctors on Demand. Dr. Berkus will be seeing patients via telepsychiatry in five states. These include California, Florida, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. I feel this is a way to provide psychiatric care to our  patients who may not have trained professionals in their area. Patients can directly connect by entering and filling out the paperwork and requesting Dr. Berkus as their behavioral health psychiatrist. This also helps those with problems with transportation, childcare and time constraints. Patient’s can access her schedule and sign up for  appointment times that meets their needs.

Dr. Berkus is a past president of iaedp and is a current Board member. She is also serving on the Excellence in Performance committee and will reach out to the doctorsondemand providers in all states to provide them with treatment options for patients with eating disorders.

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