Are you interested in building professional relationships and increasing your connections within iaedp and your discipline within the field of Eating Disorders? iaedp’s Connection, Outreach, and Mentoring Committee (COMC) is here fore you! COMC is committed to building all types of connections within iaedp, including mentoring relationships for professional growth.

The purpose of iaedp mentorship is to provide a resource to clinicians who are new the field of eating disorders, new to iaedp, or looking for guidance in the field.  These relationships enhance professional connections as well as professional development.  Each relationship is tailored to meet the needs of the mentee and the mentoring connection.

A mentor is not a supervisor, and assumes no clinical or other obligations or directives toward the mentee.  Our mentors volunteer their time and experience to support the professional growth of our mentees. Mentors do not discuss cases or details of clinical work being done by the mentee, as that is left to each mentee’s supervisor. If a mentor feels a mentee would benefit from supervision, a referral to supervisors within their discipline will be made. If you think you’d benefit from a mentoring connection please contact to be connected with a mentor that’s right for you!

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