Mentor highlight is Susan Kleinman.

Susan Kleinman, a board certified Dance/Movement Therapist, National Certified Counselor and Certified Eating Disorder Specialist, is Creative Arts Therapies Supervisor and Dance/Movement Therapist for The Renfrew Center. Ms Kleinman is a trustee of the Marian Chace Foundation, Past President of the American Dance Therapy Association, and a past Chair of The National Coalition for Creative Arts Therapies. She has published extensively, presented widely, was the Sierra Tucson’s 2012″Gratitude for Giving” honoree, the recipient of the American Dance Therapy Association’s 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award and The International Association of Eating Disorders Professional’s 2014 Spirit of iaedp Award. Her work is featured in the documentary entitled Expressing Disorder: Journey to Recovery.

Check out her recent publications and podcasts :
Kleinman, S. ( 2018). Discovering the Power of Movement: Dance/Movement Therapy in the Treatment of Eating Disorders and Trauma. In A. Seubert & P. Virdi (Eds). Trauma-Informed Approaches to Eating Disorders.. ( pp 115-121). New York. Springer.
Ressler, A. & Kleinman, S. (2018). H. Mc Bride & J.. Kwee. (Eds). Bringing the Body Back into Body Image: Body Centered Perspectives on Eating Disorders. In Embodiment and Eating Disorders, Theory, Research, Prevention and Treatment ( pp. 328-341). New York, Routledge,
Kleinman, S., ( 2017). The Deeper Side of Eating Disorders retrieved from
Alvarado, D. (Director). (2012). “Expressing Disorder: Journey to Recovery” [Motion picture on DVD]. United States of America.

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