Angela R. Wurtzel is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Eating Disorder Specialist & Approved Supervisor with 22 years of private practice experience. She has developed a specific approach to working with people who come to therapy with a thirst for understanding, insight and desire to make the changes that they envision for themselves. Angela has a natural sense of empathy and concern for people she works with and provides a reflective and explorative environment for people to come to know their own minds.

Angela provides individual, family and group psychotherapy for the treatment of eating disorders and specialized individual, couple and group therapy for prenatal and postpartum concerns.

Angela R. Wurtzel has been involved with various professional organizations over the years and has brought many professional presentations to her community from influential speakers. She, as well, has provides presentations locally and internationally.

Currently, Angela has been developing “Cultivating the Healer’s Experience through Creativity & Countertransference: An 8 Week Online Consultation & Study Group” with Brooke Farrington.

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