Linda Paulk Buchanan, Ph,D., CEDS-S

Dr. Buchanan founded the Atlanta Center for Eating Disorders in 1993 which was acquired by Walden Behavioral Care (WBC) in 2017. She is now Senior Director of Clinical Services for WBC. Dr. Buchanan serves as a peer reviewer of American Psychological Association (APA) Journals for Practice Innovations, was a reviewer for the APA guidelines for treating eating disorders and has published two chapters on her model of treatment of eating disorders which have been used as texts in a local doctoral program for Clinical Psychology students.

A Clinician’s Guide to Pathological Ambivalence: How to be on Your Client’s Side Without Taking a Side

Resistant. Oppositional. Borderline. Mental health professionals commonly use such terms to describe patients who, despite expressing a strong desire to reduce their emotional distress, repeatedly reject or ignore their therapist’s interpretations and advice. When this continues session after session, both patient and therapist end up feeling stuck and frustrated. This book offers an alternative interpretation of patients’ apparent resistance, termed pathological ambivalence, which is rooted in early experience, biological functioning, and psychological narrative. The concept of pathological ambivalence draws from several established theoretical perspectives in explaining why some people seem to sabotage their progress in psychotherapy and how some therapists become unintentional enablers.


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